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Writer New Books - The Kennebec River Trilogy

In the early 1960s, Hallowell, Maine was a sleepy small city on the Kennebec River. Dip Barrett ran a beer store where he socialized with local criminals and took bets for horse racing tracks around the state.

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L.E. Barrett

L.E. Barrett grew up in Hallowell, Maine and lives in Monroe, Maine. He received a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University in Boston, MA and a master’s degree from the University of Maine in Orono, ME. He has published: two poetry collections, The Maine Poetic and Verses from Beneath Granite Ledges; two plays; The Shadow of the Soul and The Goulash Wars. a screenplay The Harvest; a collection of thirteen short stories, A View from the Side of the Road; three highly regarded reference, photography, recipe books called Fiddlemainia, The Blueberry Coast and The Dandelion Conspiracy; three novels, The Boys from Joppa, Dummers Lane, and The Valley of Good and Evil (The three books of The Kennebec River Trilogy) historical pulp fiction (mystery) stories about murder and crime in Hallowell, Maine in the early 1960s. In Feb 2019, L. E. Barrett will publish another collection of short stories called A View from the Other Side of the Road.

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The Boys from Joppa

In the early 1960s, Hallowell, Maine was a sleepy small city on the Kennebec River. Dip Barrett ran a beer store where he socialized with local criminals and took bets for horse racing tracks around the state. His business and the community are turned upside down when the body of a young man is found in the Kennebec River, a poker game leads to a major robbery, a young wife is seduced into a private sex club, a 16 year old boy finds love with a much older woman, a young man’s suicide is a mystery to everyone, and the town drunk becomes a criminal master mind. The Boys from Joppa is historical pulp fiction at its best. A throwback to the trashy novels of the 1940s to 1960s where women craved love, men were tough, and violence was a business opportunity. The type of memorable situations and vivid characters found in the works of Steinbeck and Doctorow who don’t just exist on the page of a book, but take up residence in your life. The book is insightful, funny, thrilling and sexy without pretense. This masterfully told tale will have you turning each page with an eagerness to read more and more. The book’s power coming directly from its intriguing characters, an imaginative plot and a seamless story. The Boys from Joppa is the first book in the Kennebec River Trilogy. Book two, Dummers Lane, and book three, The Valley of Good and Evil transport the characters and the plot from their finely crafted roots in The Boys from Joppa to the last thrilling page of the trilogy, this book can only be classified as a must read for fans of pulp fiction, romantic fiction, action fiction, realistic plots and a first-rate adult read.

Dummers Lane

Dummers Lane is the second book in L. E. Barrett’s historical pulp fiction trilogy. The newly published book is a strange brew of fiction, historical events and unforgettable characters. It’s the early 1960s in Hallowell, Maine. A sleepy small city on the Kennebec River, where. In The Boys from Joppa, Dip Barrett ran a beer store. He socializes with local criminals and takes illegal bets for horse racing tracks around the state. Dip’s business and the community are turned upside down when the body of a young man is found in the Kennebec River, a poker game leads to a major robbery, a young wife is seduced into a private sex club, a 16 year old boy finds love with a much older woman, a young man’s suicide is a mystery to everyone, and the town drunk morphs into a criminal master mind.

In Dummers Lane law enforcement agencies turn a criminal investigation into a hunt for a secret item. Phil, a local hoodlum, establishes unusual relationships. Forbidden and secret romances are revealed. Martha, a liberated seeker of sexual enjoyment, is harassed. People mysteriously rise from the dead. Bunny finds himself trapped in a personal nightmare. Police officer, Ray Buck, gathers together a curious group of the city’s least-likely crime fighters to go head to head with an entrenched criminal element.

The Valley Of Good And Evil

In the last book of the Kennebec River Trilogy the small city of Hallowell fights to save their community from an outside evil. The story of a small Maine river city in the early 1960s concludes with another murder, more sex, more mayhem, more troubled personal relationships, and a master plan that no one would anticipate. L. E. Barrett has expertly crafted an entertaining story that weaves seductive local characters, a place in time, and a unique storyline that is certain to keep you riveted to each page.

The Valley of Good and Evil is a historical pulp fiction classic. A throwback to the trashy novels of the 1940s to 1960s where women craved love, men were tough, and violence was a business opportunity. A story that could have been written by the likes of Steinbeck or Doctorow. The book is insightful, funny, thrilling, and sexy without pretense. The author brings to life captivating characters, an original story, and breath-taking twists and turns.

The Dandelion Conspiracy: Maine’s Wicked Weeds

The Dandelion Conspiracy is our third book on wild edible plants and like the previous two books, it too
contains interesting information, beautiful photographs and one hundred and twenty-five delicious dandelion
recipes. Dandelions have a long history. They have been used as both a source of food and a source of
herbal therapy. Up to the early 1970’s, many people with bags in hand combed their neighbors’ lawns and
local parks for an ample supply of dandelions. The Dandelion is not a native of North America. Historians
believe that the first dandelion seeds arrived in the personal possessions of the Mayflower passengers in
1620. At the time the dandelion had been a cultivated plant in Europe for several centuries. Today, the
dandelion is view as the prolific destroyer of the American lawn. Only wild foragers, vegans and exotic
salad enthusiasts continue the tradition of eating dandelions. Our book hopefully will introduce the
dandelion to a new generation or reintroduce the dandelion to people that have forgone this tasty and
healthy green.

Fiddle Mainia

Fiddlemainia is the iconic fiddlehead book filled with terrific information, photography and a hundred and twenty-five delicious recipes from around the world. If you enjoy fiddleheads and want to know more about fiddleheads, have been a fiddlehead forager for fifty years or just love good photography then Fiddlemainia is for you.

The Blueberry Coast

The Blueberry Coast is a book about blueberries. Not just a book about Maine’s low bush blueberries, though Maine’s wild blueberries are thoroughly discussed in the book. The book is a reference, art and recipe book. The book includes a full range of blueberry topics such as: nutritional value, growing, harvesting, cooking, preserving, and eating. The Blueberry Coast also has great natural photography and an impressive collection of a 125 blueberry recipes from all around the world that you will only find in this collection. If you enjoy blueberries and want to know more about blueberries, love natural photography or you just want to experience delicious new blueberry recipes – then the author wants to assure you The Blueberry Coast was written with you in mind.

The Shadow of the Soul

Three siblings inherit the family home, one wants to sell it, one wants to beautify it, and one wants to unlock its secrets. The Shadow of the Soul takes you back and forth in time, to try to make sense out everyone’s life and the house that haunts a brother and a sister. The Shadow of the Soul is the nightmare that exists at the edge of everyone’s conscious mind. You may not want to be witness to it or even agree that it can exist but you will not be able to forget it.

Verses From Beneath Granite Ledges

A collection of sixty-five unique and original poems designed to highlight defining aspects of nature and humanity. Included in this collection are many of L. E. Barrett’s most creative poems to date. These poems include; Verses From Beneath Granite Ledges, What Lives On, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Healing In Maine, Ave Verum Corpus and The 20th Maine. Poetry meant to furnish the reader with moments of pleasure, and a profusion of new ideas for reflection.

The Maine Poetic

The Maine Poetic is a collection of sixty-three poems about Maine and other thoughtful unusual subjects. Each poem is an original piece of poetry written specifically for this collection and none of the poems have been published in any other source. For poetry readers that love traditional poetry or those that love not so traditional poetry you will find many selections for your particular taste. Many of the poems will give you the feel, the vision and the emotion of life in rural areas throughout the United States. You will find that this book is a powerfully constructed work of poetry by a very unique and original Maine poet.

A View From The Side Of The Road

Thirteen stories from thirteen different directions leading to one point of view. Stories that will stimulate your imagination and delight. Some funny, some sad, some weird in their own way. Thirteen stories seen from the author’s unique perspective, A View From The Side Of The Road.

Frequent Asked Questions

Here is a list of some of some of the questions that you may have in mind regarding my books. I frequently keep getting asked these questions therefore I have made a list for you.

Q. Is your newest book, The Boys from Joppa, biographical?


Yes, no and sometimes! Hallowell is a real Maine city. The names of the places, many of the people in the background of the story, Dip, and the store are real. As Big Robbie is a real character and many of the events noted in the books took place. The rest of the story is a fictional take on the times, places and people of the Kennebec River Valley.

Q. As a poet do you find writing fiction a difficult task?


My type of poetry is often a capsulized short story. Everything has a beginning, middle, and an end. In a novel I increase the connections and broaden the scope, but everything comes from a small grain of an idea.

Q. In the past you have written several wild plant books. What brought you to write about wild plants and recipes?


The books Fiddlemainia, The Blueberry Coast, and The Dandelion Conspiracy are iconic to a Maine way of life. When I returned to Maine some years ago, I found many people didn’t realize these plants had been eaten for thousands of years. Thanks to my friend and photographer, Linwood Diket, I was able to share my knowledge of the plants, his beautiful photos, with unique recipes from around the world to a new generation.

Q. What are you currently working on?


I am editing  a new collection of ten short stories, in A View From the other Side of the Road. This will be my second collection (1st book A View from the Side of the Road) of short stories in my On the Road Series.

Q. What would you be doing if you weren’t writing books?


Maybe jail time, but more likely I would be wearing a chicken suit and a advertising sign in front of a fried chicken waffle house

Q. Why do you never mention your military career?


I am proud of my military service, those who have served in the military, and those who support them. I went into the Marine Corps a  private and retired as an Army Colonel. Some of my experiences filter into my books and poetry. In my next collection of short stories, I have Henry Hinckley’s Vietnam War Diary (Episode One), a funny look at a young soldier’s first weeks in Vietnam. A subject I know well.

Q. Why do you live in Maine?


I believe writers need a special place where they can do their best work. I found a 158 year old French Mansard in a town of 850 people where I can draw the energy I need to write. I don’t believe I would write the same way in a different place.

Q. As a writer do you live as a hermit or are you social?


Other than being a monk walled up in a cave, writing requires a massive amount of time in your own head. That being said, when I quit writing I burst out with a frenzy of social activity until a stray idea forces me back into a writer’s hibernation.

Q. Do you have any words of wisdom for new writers?


Always believe in yourself, read everyone, listen to everyone (but don’t take it to heart). A writer needs to be true to their own vision. All you really need to do is write, write, as write as often as you can.

Q. Is there anything you really want to write about?


My focus is, and will always be, on the human condition. Technology and media changes our lives, but humanity is about being human. As a reader, I enjoy the experience more when I see parts of me in a story. The great writers hold an unblemished mirror up to their readers. Everything I write has my perspective on humanity in it.

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The Boys from Joppa is in Audible

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The Boys from Joppa

My book / Ebook The Boys from Joppa is now currently on sale through the internet and available through book stores. By November 2016 an audible version of the book will be available through all audible book internet sites.

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